Block Chain Advisory

Leveraging our extensive involvement with disruptive technologies in FinTech, we are uniquely positioned to provide guidance on distributed ledgers and the impacts to the ecosystems, value-chains, and strategies of incumbents.

BlockChain In Alpha Silicon

Distributed ledgers, commonly referred to as Blockchain, are being leveraged by a variety of industries for multiple applications. The applications are wide-ranging, as the potential of Blockchain continues to be discovered. From financial services to airlines to manufacturers, Blockchain technology is impacting and often redesigning traditional business methods.

Blockchain Advisory Services

  • Business model innovation
  • Strategy development
  • Ecosystem development
  • Use case development
  • Pilot program analysis

Business Model Innovation

While billions of capital flows have enabled Blockchain new entrants, no clear industry consensus exists on Blockchain beyond that it is an innovative technology platform with the potential to redefine multiple industry segments. Alpha Silicon believes that the transformative potential of Blockchain will manifest as sustained, market-shifting technology innovation, challenging existing business models.

Our Areas of Focus

  • Process management
  • Payment networks
  • Peer to peer capabilities
  • Product development
  • Efficiency improvement