As the wave of digitalization is soaring, the business ambiance continues to evolve at a swift pace. To sustain the competitive edge, you must remain acquainted with new talent acquisition models and recruitment processes. So do you want to go side by side with the changing business environment? Do you want to hire the best global talent for your business? The right choice of Global recruitment process outsourcing-

Alpha Silicon can be your one-stop solution for talent acquisition services that can provide consistency, scalability, and expertise in hiring practices that your internal team may not achieve. Most crucially, a GRPO can help you to select the most suitable people within a particular fraction of the time

Global Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Insight Into Global Recruitment Process Outsourcing


Global Recruitment process outsourcing (GRPO) refers to an outsourced service where the client organization handovers all or some of the temporary or permanent staffing service to a third-party (RPO) vendor. A GPRO is useful to professional and non-professional job vacancies to a segment of the BPO industry where a company’s required recruitment tasks are transferred to a third-party vendor. Every organization needs to retain and manage the best talent to maintain their competitive edge. An excellent end-to-end Global recruitment process outsourcing should bring a suite of customizable, scalable, and ahead-of-the-line resources. These services range from sourcing to shortlisting to choosing to onboarding and all processes in between and beyond. Alpha silicon is one such company that helps to promote your growth by attracting and persuading the best talent –at a local and global level with a fraction of the hassle, time, and cost.

Global Recruitment Process Outsourcing Market


The global RPO market can help organizations to access the most efficient talent from the global talent pool. With the RPOs highly scalable model, an organization can meet their fluctuating hiring needs, drive candidate quality, and raise employee retention. As per recent studies, In 2017, the value of the global recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) market was US$ 5.01 Billion, and there is an approximation that it will expand with a compound annual growth rate of 14.4 % from 2017 – 2025.

In today’s scenario, the market is mainly occupied by the on-demand engagement model segment that engages 75% of the total market portion in terms of revenue. In On-demand Global RPO service, client organizations hand over some of the recruitment processes to an RPO provider. This model gives greater flexibility and convenience to the client organization. Hence, the expectation is that the segment will hold its dominant position in the coming years.

Benefits Of Global Recruitment Process Outsourcing


The business results of an organization are highly dependent on access to the best talent in the market. With the implementation of a ‘fit for purpose’ Global workforce solutions company, smart organizations are positioning themselves for increased organizational performance and growth. Following are the few benefits of choosing an agency for employment services.


(i)Better Hiring

RPOs spend their extended time, energy, and resources researching screening and presenting the client’s best available talent. Getting better qualities of hires is the most crucial benefit of RPO.


(ii)Low Cost

The bottom line is that organizations invest while hiring but save money in the long run.

RPO service providers can scale up and scale down their recruitment activity as per the client’s needs. They help to manage the quality of hire in stipulated time with cost-effectiveness. It reduces the cost and energy of HR resources to source candidates.


(iii) Scalable Model

One of the prime advantages of global RPO is scalability. The company will need more staff when expanding or opening new branches and lesser when downsizing or implementing a hiring freeze. RPO is equipped with structures to adapt to any situation. RPO companies are tractile and can accommodate every situation.

Alpha Silicon As Best Global Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company


Whether you need little help with hiring or would prefer to hand over the entire process, Alpha Silicons veteran team of recruiters will serve as the best extension of a company’s human resources department. No matter wherever in the world you want to expand to, we cover every conceivable industry to fetch their extensive region-specific knowledge to entitle your global offices with the final local talent.

Our team will work as an integrated extension of your team. On-site and off-site recruitment specialists of alpha silicon harmonize your hiring with global trends, benchmarks, and accountability. We incorporate cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics, and emerging technologies. Alpha silicon maintains coordination between the demands of local industries with a global template. We offer you a recruitment experience that aligns with your business vision and mission to deliver the right talent, no matter where you are. Our expertise places us in one of the top positions in the best IT staffing and recruiting companies.

Global Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company For Your Business


Global RPO can offer many benefits. Some of them include improved hiring time, increased quality of candidates, reduced cost of advertising, Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement, etc. On top of that, it has the provision of Analytics and reports for the recruiting process. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, these factors can give businesses a significant competitive edge. Alpha silicon will assist in re-engineering a company’s entire recruiting process to be consistent across all departments.

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