Alpha AI product suite focusses on array of capabilities we have built in house on artificial intelligence. Currently we have ready to deploy products/solutions on ‘AI advisory and roadmap’, transaction analytics, image analytics and AI ops.

What can AI do more effectively?

AI is one such technology. Advisors need to reflect on what AI can do more effectively rather than it being a direct substitute. Here’s a quick list of what AI can do better than an advisor:

  1. Respond lightning fast – AI doesn’t need to put clients on hold, write email replies or queue at the airline check-in counter
  2. Access an encyclopaedic memory – AI can understand and access 1000’s of business tools and processes
  3. Stay awake – 24 x 7 x 365
  4. Remember conversations – track and analyse all conversations ever had with a customer for future learning
  5. Analyse on the fly – review data trends to predict future behaviour
  6. Continually learn and improve – from 1000’s of conversation patterns